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Author Topic: PBX Manager with IAX problem [solved]  (Read 4323 times)

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PBX Manager with IAX problem [solved]
« on: Saturday, 25.03.2006 00:55 »
Found this one tonight:

When creating an IAX phone under "phone" it puts it as "IAX/nnnn-name", while it should put it as "IAX2/nnnn-name" (or at least store it that way internally).

You will notice when creating an "inbound number" under "inbound calls" and pick "IAX/nnnn-name" as the phone to ring that it will create a false entry in inbound_actions.include which reads as:

exten => s,3,Macro(tl-stdexten,IAX/nnnn-name,nnn@default-name)

while it should be

exten => s,3,Macro(tl-stdexten,IAX2/nnnn-name,nnn@default-name)

Correcting inbound_actions.include manually fixed the problem.

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Re: PBX Manager with IAX problem [solved]
« Reply #1 on: Friday, 31.03.2006 07:09 »

This bug has been fixed now.

Thank you so much for your bug report!