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Title: PBX Manager FAQ
Post by: admin on Tuesday, 06.12.2005 22:34
Q. What are the prerequisites for Third Lane PBX Manager (http://pbx-manager.de/)?
A. Asterisk and Webmin, which can be downloaded here (http://webmin.com/).

Q. How do I install it?
A. Download PBX-Manager (http://pbx-manager.de/downloads.php) and install it into Webmin (http://www.webmin.com) using the 'Webmin Configuration / Webmin Modules' menu.

Q. Does it run on the same box as asterisk?
A. Yes

Q. Can I edit Asterisk configuration files?
A. Yes, but be careful - don't update the parts we generate.

Q. How do I connect to a provider X?
A. Create a trunk based on the info you get from the provider.

Q: Can I see some screenshots?
A: See our live demo (https://thirdlane.amer.net:10000/).  User: demo,  Password: insecure

Q: Will it work with the new Asterisk version?
A: Yes

Q: Where is the documentation?
A: It is available from the 'User´s Guide menu after installation. It is automatically updated with every newer installed software release.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: See the price list at pbx-manager.de (http://pbx-manager.de/downloads.php) There is a low cost entry level version available which limits the number of extensions to 3, but retails all the other features.

Q: How do I install an ISDN card in Asterisk?
A: See our step by step Installation Guides Using an FritzCard with Asterisk (http://voip-manager.net/installation-fritzcard-asterisk.php) (English) or Installationsanleitung FritzCard für Asterisk (http://pbx-manager.de/installation-fritzcard-asterisk.php) (German)

Q: What is wrong if incoming CAPI ISDN calls are rejected?
A: Make sure /etc/asterisk/capi.conf contains the line context=from-outside
. In the Inbound Calls Menu there must also be an entry that explicitly handles the incoming MSN (DID) number.

Q: How is the nn phones license limit enforced?
A: There must not be more than nn extensions, mailboxes and phones in PBX Manager. Asterisk itself is not limited in any way.

Q: Can I upgrade PBX Manager to a higher license level?
A: Update prices to any higher version are available upon request.