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Title: mISDN Channels in Thirdlane PBX Manager
Post by: admin on Sunday, 10.06.2007 17:58
It is very easy to use mISDN channels in Thirdlane PBX Manager. You do this by defining a Custom Trunk with the following parameters:

Registration: mISDN (arbitrary name, used for reference only)
Description: (arbitrary comment)
Custom dialstring: mISDN/g:extern/$

This assumes you have created a group / section [extern] in /etc/asterisk/misdn.conf with entries similar to the following:

; define your ports, e.g. 1,2 (depends on mISDN-driver loading order)
; context where to go to when incoming Call on one of the above ports

In this case we have defined a standard ISDN card with 2 B channels, such as AVM Fritzcard PCI.

chan_misdn is included in Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4, but it needs to be compiled seperately as follows (modify the Asterisk version string according to your actual version):

cd /etc/src/asterisk-1.2.18/channels/misdn
make misdn  (builds mISDN infrastructure)
make  (builds chan_misdn)
cd /etc/src/asterisk-1.2.18
make install