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Title: Passing Parameters to IE NetRenderer
Post by: admin on Saturday, 10.02.2007 12:40
Instead of manually selecting the browser version and entering a webpage URL, you may also pass these values via URL parameters. For example, if you want to render http://geotek.de with Internet Explorer 6, use one of the following URLs:

http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/?browser=ie6&url=http://geotek.de (US Server)
http://meineipadresse.de/netrenderer/?browser=ie6&url=http://geotek.de (German Server)

As you can see, this is a matter of simply passing HTTP GET style parameters. The following browser type parameters are valid:


If the browser parameter is omitted, the browser type will be remembered from the previous rendering job.

This integration may be handy for recurrent rendering of several webpages. You are allowed to publish this URL, for example to show others the rendering of a specific webpage, as long as you leave the resulting webpage intact.