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Author Topic: Zenoss: zenping stops unexpectedly  (Read 7211 times)

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Zenoss: zenping stops unexpectedly
« on: Tuesday, 19.06.2007 08:09 »
We got a weird problem where zenping started correctly, but stopped after a second or so without any error message. Even when started with the verbose commandline option there was no error log. The only log entries were some lines similar to the following:

2007-06-19 07:09:58 WARNING zen.ZenStatus: device 'SERVER1' network '' not in topology

At first we suspected the zenoss database to be corrupt, but neither fstest, chktrees nor zeopack showed anything abnormal.


Started zenping to run in the foreground instead of running as a daemon by entering:

zenping run

Now we could see where zenping died from the error message:

File "/usr/local/zenoss/Products/ZenUtils/IpUtil.py", line 54, in checkip
raise IpAddressError, "%s is an invalid address" % ip
Products.ZenUtils.IpUtil.IpAddressError: mywebsite.com is an invalid address

It turned out that somehow the ip address property of a firewall was set to 'mywebsite.com' instead of it's IP address. Replacing this string with the correct IP address by using the Reset IP menu in zenoss got rid of this error message and the zenping daemon stopped dying.

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