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Author Topic: Blank Screen Bug on VMware Server 2.0 Web Interface  (Read 23467 times)

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Blank Screen Bug on VMware Server 2.0 Web Interface
« on: Wednesday, 07.10.2009 08:18 »
The Web Management Interface of VMWare Server 2.0 is seriously flawed. Very often login via webbrowser is not possible because the only thing you get is a blank screen. Sometimes clearing browser cache and cookies helps, somtimes switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer seems to work, also other browsers such as safari are reported to work more reliably.

There are at least four workarounds available:

  • Use the private browsing mode in Firefox
  • Use the following URL to access the Web Mgmt Interface: https://myserver.com:8333/ui/debug.html (Replace 8333 with the port that was selected at installation time) You can ignore or block the popup window that comes up.
  • Use the VMware Infrastructure Client (VI CLient) to login
  • Restart VMware Web Management service:  /etc/init.d/vmware-mgmt restart

Once a login session is established via WebUI, chances are that the normal login URL will work again for a while. The root cause of this issue seems to be some sort of a race condition in Tomcat depending on what the browser does. It is a shame that VMware is not willing to fix this bug which was present in all 2.0.x builds and is still present in the latest 2.0.2 version.

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Re: Blank Screen Bug on VMware Server 2.0 Web Interface
« Reply #1 on: Sunday, 24.01.2010 16:27 »
Na super, mit Firefox 3.6 geht jetzt VMware Webaccess überhaupt nicht mehr. Fehlermeldung:

"Die Verbindung zum Server wurde zurückgesetzt, während die Seite geladen wurde"

Die Virtualisierungs-Engine von VMware ist ja nicht schlecht, aber was die ProgrammiererInnen des Webinterface da zusammengeschustert haben, ist unterirdisch. Seit Jahren Javascript-Fehler ohne Ende, kein Wunder, dass es dann irgendwann mal kracht. Diese Leute solltenn sich umschulen lassen, zu etwas, wo sie weniger Schaden anrichten können. :-(