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Title: Multiple Instances of Asterisk Phone Book
Post by: admin on Friday, 13.10.2006 20:43
It is possible to install multiple instances of GEOTEK Phonebook (http://voip-manager.net/asterisk-phonebook.php) on the same Server, by simply copying the program files into separate webserver directories. For example, if your production version is located in /phonebook, you may run another copy in /phonebook_test or whatever, even multiple versions of the Asterisk phonebook will coexist.

This makes it easy to support different user groups with different default settings, to stage new configuration versions, or to try out new beta versions without disrupting the production software.

The software license allows you to do this, as long as the number of concurrent users of all phonebook instances does not exceed your license limit. You should not try to do this with an evaluation license, however, as you may get permanently locked out by the forgery detection code!