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Title: a few problems
Post by: technotravel on Wednesday, 08.10.2014 21:56
Hello all,

I installed today the latest version (250, 3-user license) on a Debian vserver which is running my asterisk 1.8.

I followed the instructions in the manual, which are easy to understand and follow. I had to download the latest version of the ioncube loader (64bit), and the testpage for ioncube shows all is fine. The php-info page also shows up fine. Have restarted both asterisk and apache a couple of times.

Unfortunately, in the page header I have message saying " Management Connection to Asterisk localhost:5038 failed". I have edited the asterisk manager.conf exactly as prescribed, and the password matches for sure.

Also, under Tools, I have this message "missing directory privileges for: /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv
How can I remedy this?

Grateful for any advice - cheers!